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Path of Exile Fan Art Competition Highlights

Path of Exile Fan Art Competition Highlights

Fan Art by BellenaErs

The Insatiable by deynarde

Kitava and Thief by disolin

Rest in Pieces by johnq1e

Darkest Blight by Kardalak_IX

Sister Cassia by Kassiopea_M

Malachai, the Nightmare by Leucoma

Aul, The Crystal King by Qque

Necromancer by StellaTheSlaya

Winter Orb Witch by zxdrrtolkin13

Blight by tacihon

Patch Notes 3.8.2b
There are just two weeks left until ExileCon and we can't wait to meet our players in person and to show everyone what we' ...
The Lord's Labyrinth: Path of Exile Gamebook
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3.8.2 Patch Notes
Blight Improvements Updated the description on Breathstealer unique gloves to reflect the fact that a Blighted Spore can be ...